Caution! Be warned + Contents might overwhelm you!

By now for those who are used to my blog will come to a conclusion that the topic never coincides with the write-up — for this I apologise. To think that I haven’t scribbled on a piece of paper since April, so what have I been doing. Well that’s a story for another day.
Two books I find really interesting are “abduzeedo motivation for designers” by fabio sasso and “thread’s not dead” by jeff finley. The word awesome which I love to use a lot cannot even begin to quantify how ecstatic I feel right now. I wasn’t schooled in the art of writing book reviews but what I can tell you for sure is that these books mentioned are going to be classics and I bet will stand the test of time. Why? Because loads of people after reading my blog or someone else’s that makes reference to these book will take cues from what is written in these books. And if I was to use a movie title reference, I’ll probably call them “the book of eli” for designers (not because we are close to being in a post-apocalyptic time but because they are just timeless). The thing is I love books that can influence your subliminal psyche– that’s even if such phrase exist (please permit me). Books that engage war of the mind, in the sense that you begin to wonder if this same writers exist in the same world you are presently squatting in or have they conquered an alternate universe where they are bound by no laws or restrictions? (won’t that just be nice — we the #peoplethatformbeingcreative in a world of our own and every other clueless dick head gets stuck in the abyss of — *looking for a crappy word to complete the sentence.. Damn! Am stuck again– and if u sabi english well then fill in the blank space*). Now am stuck between a rock and a hard place (always wanted to use that phrase like forever — thank God I eventually did even if am still trying to figure why I actually did) because as a true believer in my God given talent/gift I find myself succumbing to my primal fear of not being sufficient/relevant to myself because of redundancy (same old shit different way — different day). So what’s the solution I ask myself — then it hit me. I remember going for a rad seminar a couple of months back titled “thinking outside the box” (*mind clickin*). So I begin to question my powers of insightful thinking. Have I not been an outside the box thinker? Then it hit me that I have just been made to believe I had been. In a country where mediocrity has been the standard of excellence — so I have also been conforming to such arrant nonsense (*hissing* whispers *God forbid*).
So basically I got down on my knees and prayed to God telling Him to restore to me the ability to hunger for knowledge — no knowledge is lost just rebranded basically. I’m sure a couple of you impatient readers are already wondering and saying to yourself “so where’s the story leading to”. To tell you the truth I was like you a couple of weeks back — an impatient skeptic that always wants to criticize something or thought every other write up was crass except for a few exceptions. I was a solipsist — in a world where only me mattered..
—– stuck again! chai ——


No BS, F’ the Rules.

“Good design goes to heaven; bad design goes everywhere”.  — Mieke Gerritzen

“Don’t design for everyone. It’s impossible. All you end up doing is designing something that makes everyone unhappy”.

— Leisa Reichelt

I remember reading the foreword of Tom peter’s book “Re-imagine” where he used the pull-no-punches phrase “Mad as Hell”… So I thought to myself, isn’t it high time I adopted that same phrase. Because there’s really no other word to explain how I feel right now.

“I’m mad as Hell!”

You can’t be frustrated and choose to remain the same. People who eventually become great inventors must have been frustrated one time in their life and saw the need to change something—something that’s not working in the present. Self provocation decided by unfavourable outcomes. The thing is, I’m trying to sharpen my mental acuity by reading more books – not just books on designs but also management books [inclusive of the Bible, with the aim of not trying to go all spiritual on you] which is how I came across “Re-imagine”. In a quest to achieve, we avoid failure like it’s a disease and cling to ideas like “order” and “efficiency”. But we must embrace failure; we must glory in the muck and muck and mess that yields true innovation. Failure typically means that someone has stretched beyond his comfort zone and tried something new…and screwed it up—and learned something valuable along the way.

“Fail Faster, Succeed Sooner”

We need to embrace a society that is open to change, that is, a society that educate their young to break the rules and invent new futures. A society that embraces the idea of global village and change, rather than close their minds and borders to change. We need something dramatically different form “getting better” or from even getting “a whole lot better” – at what we did for a couple of hundred years. Now we need to train ourselves to play an entirely new game or a game called “Re-imagine”, in which the rules that define “better” no long apply.

“So what are you afraid of…A little change!”

A change can be in the form of just doing something [That’s the essential idea, isn’t it? A juxtaposition of words which you understand not, but feels good seeing yourself combine the words to form complete nonsense. At least I did something….what have you done lately?]. Getting off the sidelines…. being a player is not optional anymore. After reading beyond the foreword, I came up with my own interpretation to a few of Tom Peter’s response to change – “A new war”.

  • New strategy: A plan against unforeseen enemies of circumstance [embracing insight]. The sustainable competitive advantage comes handy in such situations which is basically figuring out the things you can do better than anyone else…. and basically capitalizing big time on these things.
  • New Tactics: New approach to dealing with problems [unconventional solutions with a combination of flexible and greater information intensity. Optimum results can be the only desired outcome]

“New Rules – It’s not your father’s world”

Some say change doesn’t affect us equally, right? Wrong. It does but we are numb to the obvious since we only see what we choose to see [close-mindedness]. Redefining our basic ideas about practically everything…. even being human is… and about how values are created and “careers” are pursued. Beware those who prescribe “rules for righteous living… rules that will (supposedly) vault you into the… pantheon of the gods. It doesn’t work that way! Get a life! Enjoy the mess!

“Get a life! Enjoy the mess!”

We must destroy the barriers that keep us from taking the slightest advantage of the new principles available to us. (Keyword –“destroy”. Try swallowing it. See how it tastes). So screw all their rules I’ll make mine. [No bullshit].

“No Bullshit! F**k the rules!”, “I’m pissed”.

NB: check your retail stores for “RE-IMAGINE!” By Tom Peters (Business excellence in a disruptive age).

Why does life suck so much?

“You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of.” – ALBERT CAMUS

How did I get here? I began to ask myself on a warm fuzzy afternoon with the heat from the sun piercing deeply into my skin. Why has my life taken a turn for the worse? Yeah! Why does my life suck this much. These are not the angry words of some craze attention deficit teen but the words of someone who is trying to create a life where the rule are meant to be bent or broken. The term “worse” I use is probably better than your “good”, so don’t judge until you’ve read the entire write-up. See why blogging is fun, because I get to bore you with the interesting things that are happening in my life plus you get to relate it with the things that go wrong in your life. So at the end I’m also doing you a favour by getting all these bottled emotions out of my chest.

So why do I presume my life is worse than it should be? Firstly, I had serious plans because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail [Where have I heard those words before….]. It’s because a standard has been set and I haven’t been living up to that standard in my quest for the bespoke lifestyle, which eventually brings me back to topic of ambition. For the fact that there’re practically rules governing our lifestyle makes me sick to my stomach. How we should dress, what we shouldn’t wear, eat, say, do and so on– the list is endless. Now they say the meek live in perpetual fear of ambition and if you think I’m a meek guy then you are sadly mistaken. I can be ambitious too you know [Just the passing interest type of ambition and not the eat, sleep, live type of ambition] – I just don’t want to keep following these rules we being taught to follow. Me, I don’t especially like ambitious people [not saying I wouldn’t be one]. I like people who are good are their job and passionate about their career – like me for instance, I’m passionate about what I do — designing and blogging about the shitty things in life. Who wouldn’t [I’m a very happy guy, not to rain on the parade of the sad people out there]. Think about it, if you are desperately socially ambitious you would spend every waking moment worrying about your position in the pantheon, or on the mantelpiece, or on the shelf…

The media world tends to be full of untalented yet vastly ambitious people who think that a guest spot on a daytime television show or a V.I.P treatment is somehow something of a divine right; the sort of people for whom fame is a goal rather than a by-product of success. Of course there are a few things I’d love to do, places I’d love to go and opportunities I’d like to be offered [if only to turn some of them down], but success is relative. Ambition is great if you aren’t so stuck up on ruling the world; because at the end of the day you’re only playing against yourself [the comparism, the competition; you can only keep fighting for so long and after that comes your break point]. So be ambitious if you choose to, it’s really nobody’s business; just don’t lose your soul while at it [because nobody wants to be a soulessambitiousdouche]. Be the ambitious man that asks not what the world can do for him but what he can do for the world.

NB: Don’t be fooled by the title of this post because my life doesn’t suck at all…. Just thought I could fool you into reading my post if the title was somewhat degrading..

Stop being so CHEAP.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe that they are free” – John Wolfgang

Since my last post, I know a lot of you will be wondering what’s with all the personal write-up about the writer in question having writer’s block. You believe that because the site is called dzign dynamics, then I’m not supposed to share my personal feelings. [Bullshit]. Think about it we all have times when we are not the best at what we do. We are all but slave to a system that demands so much and give so little. And that’s the reason we always have to stay relevant in whatever we do – whether it be the guy that fetches coffee or the owner of that company that sends that guy to fetch that coffee. It’s an ugly world because we tend to serve people what we’ve been served. In the sense that if we have been treated poorly while advancing to the top, we tend to have the affinity to also want to treat people like they don’t matter. [Not in all cases—a few people choose to rise above this situations and at the end it makes them better people].

Funny story — as much as I preach about these things I still have my faults. For example, I had this design job I was working on which was to create a new brand for synthetic motor oil. I basically worked my butt off in order to satisfy the so-called client. I knew I was going to get paid but what I didn’t know was how long it was going to take for me to get paid. As I’m writing currently, I still haven’t gotten paid for the job since I started in October. Imagine! Who does that…. So i decided to take matters into my hands by not giving the client the job thereby delaying the launch of the product which didn’t benefit both parties – [The client keeps telling me he’s expecting a large chunk of cash — and due to the current electoral campaign going on in the country a lot of cash had to be diverted into campaigning.]—- Seriously!!!

They don’t respect us. They barely respect what we do. If they did they wouldn’t think we had a shortcut button to every design and that all we had to do was push that button and – Alas! Out comes the design. So they end up questioning your reasons for billing so much while spending so little time doing what you do. They quantify our talent by putting a price tag on it and a crappy one for that matter. They would rather give that job to an advertising firm and pay so much rather than us [self-employed creative-energetic designers] and pay a few bucks. A client who believes using SEOs [search engine optimisation] can basically quantify how talented one is. Because the more results they [the client] get from doing a search on you will determine how talented you are. [That’s just wrong].

Google can’t optimise our best offerings. It can’t optimise what makes our designs unique. And most of all Google can’t optimise what the non-average, exceptional, client we would kill for wants to buy. Google can’t optimise our purpose, our professionalism, our spirit, our psyche, our enthusiasm and most of all ourselves. Google is so terrible at defining talent and edge, clarity and state of mind. Google SEO will rarely demonstrate our work ethics and dedication, our inspiration and our ability to solve problems and overcome obstacles.

So the only way we get respect for our time is billing for it. So if any client who fits the profile of the non-paying type ends up reading this write-up then they should at least try to put themselves in our shoes. Pay for that design and stop being so cheap.

The essence of my presence…

At this junction, I should probably stop lying to myself and admit that my creative writing isn’t so creative anymore… Where I have to read through write-ups of people who actually know what they want to say and how to express it. I read through these fancy styled write-ups with big dictionary words that I understand not without my dictionary hoping to salvage what’s left of my so called writing skill. Who knows it might just be me experiencing writer’s block — at least that what they call it or probably that’s what I’ve been made to believe. Who knows?

With my complete lack of what to write, completely immersed in deep thought with my mind all twisted looking for a saving grace. Still nothing….

Alas I stumble upon something grand, not a write –up but something I’ve held close to me—these words with resonating affect “the essence of my presence”. The irony of this is that, I as the writer still question myself about my true essence. And now I’m about to write something about something I really have no idea about. Positively beaming with the light of hope as I write these words taking myself through a state I have yet to explore. —- The word being “essence-presence”.

Essence  n. Indispensable quality or element; concentrated extract

So I set out to define my purpose in life, that indispensable quality that makes me different from the next person. If you have read my previous write-ups, I’m sure you come to a conclusion that I’m somewhat a smart guy. And if you beg to differ then keep your opinions to yourself. I really don’t want to know if you think I’m not a smart guy. Preoccupied with dreams yet to be fulfilled and still words fail me. How can I plead my case without rolling down the deep end while I subconsciously subscribe to the worldly mumbo jumbo crap? See most of you will probably or eventually blame it on something else but yourself. But we are the makers of our thoughts and from these thoughts are our actions born.  I choose to believe otherwise. Why can’t I be insouciant about things that actually matter? Who made it your job to be my conscience? Why are you trying to fix my flaws? I am human for a reason which is to make mistakes with the utmost disregard for anything.

That was how I saw life a couple of days back or so I say. I’m not too sure if I have actually changed but what I can tell you is that if you choose to be nonchalant towards things that matter, you’ll be forced to pay the price.

Let’s concentrate on our spiritual plate.

Recognize your existence in this vast blue space

From tiny cloud of blood

To the human beings with taste, sight, tough, smell

And sound

Let’s deem it profound

And prioritize cuz that’s what essence is.